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Fox Valley Institute News Brief


Fox Valley Institute is pleased to announce the newest member of our team; Rick Alford, Ph.D., BCN. He brings over 35 years of experience and has an extensive background in providing neuropsychological evaluations, as well as implementing innovative and effective neurotherapies such as neurofeedback and non-invasive neuro-stimulation techniques.

“Our brains are engineered to be in a process of continual change and adaptation,” said Alford, head Neuropsychologist at Fox Valley Institute. “My aim as a neuropsychologist is to functionally diagnose the underlying problem to help understand what sorts of methods may be best for treatment. Using the advanced technology of neurofeedback and neuro-stimulation with traditional talk therapy provides more powerful and targeted treatment plans for clients. I am excited about working for Fox Valley Institute, a practice that appreciates and knows innovation!” explained Alford.

When asked why he decided to join Fox Valley Institute, Alford replied “One word, innovation.”

Fox Valley Institute was the first to bring virtual reality exposure therapy to Illinois, as well as among the first to offer innovative counseling services such as telehealth, brainspotting, and rapid resolution therapy.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the realm of family and marital therapy, Dr. Laura Bokar, Fox Valley Institute’s CEO, recognized early on the benefits of using innovative tools and resources in mental health. “Looking at where we were as a practice in 2001 and the technological advancements that were available compared to today is exhilarating. Incorporating brain science into our approaches with clients gives us the ability to provide a greater depth, range and value to their growth and development.  We are thrilled to be expanding our psychological services to include neuropsychology and welcome Dr. Rick Alford, who brings a wealth of knowledge, insight, and passion to Fox Valley Institute.” said Bokar.

Dr. Rick Alford explains that neuropsychological assessments are a specialized form of psychological testing that provides more information on how certain neurological conditions affect mental health and functioning of the nervous system. These assessments are more comprehensive, offering insight into overall cognitive processes. They can also evaluate underlying neurological or neurodevelopmental disorders and allow for a more complete treatment plan.  Children and adults with unresolved trauma, difficulties with various forms of anxiety, and depression/mood regulation problems, dyslexia, attention regulation difficulties, individuals who have encountered some form of head trauma, concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) would benefit from utilizing these powerful methods.

Dr. Christine McGrath, Chief Psychologist at Fox Valley Institute believes incorporating these neuropsychological assessments and therapies allows Fox Valley Institute to continue to provide clients with cutting-edge opportunities for physiological healing in addition to emotional, cognitive, and spiritual healing.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Rick Alford! Visit fvinstitute.com for more information.