Welcome to FVI’s New Blog!

Welcome to the new blog, Relationship Experts, for Fox Valley Institute for Growth and Wellness. Each week we will be bringing to you multiple postings beneficial to your life and well-being.

Relationships are a mainstay to human existence. In fact, many of us find ourselves in multiple relationships simultaneously. Take a moment to think about this concept, are you a friend, spouse, sibling, coworker; the list may feel endless for some. Paramount to the many relationships of daily existence is our relationship with self.

Aristotle said “happiness depends on ourselves.”  As an individual you must find your own happiness. You alone are responsible for your own happiness. How do you achieve this difficult feat? We will explore the many different means to build a happy sense of self within this blog. In order for you to have a happy, successful relationship YOU must find your own individual happiness.  You will learn about a variety of concepts and “how to” skills such as self-esteem building, healthy communication skills, stress management, coping skills for anxiety and depression, healing from trauma, just to name a few.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, both are transformed” Jung. The combination of your happiness and your partner’s happiness will create a healthy, loving and close relationship between you both. Again, how does one achieve genuine happiness within a relationship? We will explore the many avenues to healthy relationships.  Here you will also learn valuable skills and tools including techniques for a happy marriage from some of the leading theorists, boundaries, anger management or understanding abusive relationships.

The avenues we will travel in this blog are endless and limitless.  You have the unique opportunity to hear straight from a clinical perspective on topics, techniques, skill building and educational concepts.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of growth and self-exploration, we are happy to have you!