Take Some Time to Smell the Roses



Holiday season is quickly approaching once again.  As you move into this wonderful time of year, it is an opportunity to reflect upon your blessings in life.  My question to you is, how often do you take some time to smell the roses? It is one thing to be able to reflect on what you are grateful for; your home, job, children, financial stability but how often do you take the time to sit back and really appreciate those things.

This idea of being in the moment is difficult to capture.  We live in a society that fosters, ‘getting ahead’ and drives us towards the next best thing.  But what about those good things that are already in place.  Sure, you may want to get a promotion one day but until you are in that position, appreciate the one you have.  You will be a better employee for it.  You may be excited to see your children grow up and reach new milestones but for now enjoy that time with them on the couch while you watch your favorite television show, because you will not get that moment again.  Sure you may be driven to increase your earning potential but appreciate what is currently in your bank account instead of dreaming about what could be.  When we spend too much time fantasizing about what the future could be, life passes us by.  You end up missing out on some really great things that are happening this very moment.

So I encourage you this year, as you are reflecting on your blessings take some time to think about if you are living in there here now with these blessings.  If not, take advantage of my encouragement, you will feel different! Take some time to smell the roses!