Simple Secrets to Relationship Happiness

happy couple

All relationships need nurturing, love and attention.  Many couples fall into the habit of complancency and forget to take steps to keep their love strong.  Fortunately there are some simple ideas that you can implement in your relationship starting today!  Dr. Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. speaks on some simple strategies to help couples improve all aspects of their relationship.

Listen with an open mind and heart

You will increase happiness in your marriage if you take time to honestly listen to your partner and validate their thoughts and feelings.  Do not pretend to listen and quickly respond with a defensive statement, your partner will not feel heard.

Build intimacy

Intimacy can be both physical and emotional.  Make time for each other, even if is a kiss good morning or a phone call at the end of the day to check in.  These acts will bring your closer to your partner and begin to remove any distance that you may have built up.

Resolve fights

Unresolved conflicts will turn into silence and resentment.  Reach out to your partner and make an attempt to repair the issue.  This will help your partner feel wanted and important and allow them to lower their defenses.  You may also find that you need outside help to improve how you and your partner communicate through issues.

Act kindly

Show respect to your partner.  If this is missing you will not feel warmth, comfort and love in your relationship.

Form a partnership

It is important to be a team.  Take your partner into consideration when making decisions, this will build trust.

Support happiness

When your partner is happy, validate them! Do not dismiss things that make some one else happy.  Get excited at their acheivements and success, they will appreciate it.

Make time for sexuality

Keep communication open about this topic, what is working and what is not?  Be sure to schedule time together if you have busy schedules.  Sexuality is an important and healthy component to a relationship.


If you find that you and your partner need additional help to improve your relationship, the therapists at Fox Valley Institute can help!  Contact our intake line at 630-718-0717 ext 214 to schedule an appointment today!