Survivors and Bereavement Support

Safety After Trauma

For many survivors of suicide loss, the journey of healing can be lonely, painful, and confusing.  Survivors may feel ashamed as if the suicide was somehow their fault.  They may feel abandoned by friends and family who don’t seem able to give them the comfort and support they need, and who may even blame them.  They may not know anyone else who has ever been through this and feel they have no one to talk to who can understand their experience.  At Fox Valley Institute we understand this struggle and have three means of support for survivors of suicide loss.

First, we offer a monthly Bereavement Support Group for adults who have lost a loved one through suicide.  It meets on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month from 9:00-10:00 am, virtually via Zoom. There is no cost for this group, and it is open-ended so new members are welcome to join at any time. Please call the office at 630.718.0717, ext. 240 to be added to the bereavement email list.

A bereavement support group can:

  • Help survivors feel less isolated and alone
  • Provide reassurance that healing is possible
  • Offer validation that grieving is expected and acceptable
  • Provide an opportunity for survivors to talk openly with others who truly understand because they’ve been through it too
  • Create a chance for survivors to learn from each other

Lastly, the option to receive support through individual counseling is always available.  We have caring therapists on staff who specialize in grief and loss.  Evening and weekend appointments are available. To schedule an appointment, email or call 630.718.0717, ext. 240.