Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation

 In divorce mediation, you and your spouse hire a neutral third party, called a mediator, to meet with you in an effort to discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce in a fair and equitable way.


Benefits of Divorce Mediation

 Mediation is an increasingly viable alternative to litigation in divorce cases.

Mediation is private and confidential with no public record of what occurs in your mediation session

Agreements made in mediation are client driven and created by the couple as opposed to the Litigation process and the courts. The couple creates their own divorce decree.

The mediation process can improve communication between you and your spouse, helping you avoid future conflicts.

You can still have a lawyer to give you legal advice if you wish.


What to expect from your Mediator

 Your mediator will be a fair and neutral third-party who is committed to listening carefully to both you and your spouse.

The mediator doesn’t make decisions for you but rather assists you both in working together cooperatively to define issues, negotiate settlements and generate strong and fair agreements based upon your unique and personal circumstances.

The mediator ensures that all the matters of concern for both parties are addressed to achieve a non-contested divorce.


What to expect from the Divorce Mediation process

 In Illinois, there are a number of issues the family court requires to be addressed and agreed upon in order to ensure a non-contested divorce.

These issues pertain to:

  1. Children, including Parental Responsibility and Parenting Time ( formally known as legal and physical custody)
  2. Division of Assets and liabilities
  3. Child support
  4. Spousal support


In mediation, these issues are covered one at a time, in weekly 60 minute sessions. You will continue to meet with your mediator until you feel that all agreements are fair and equitable. The length of the mediation process is determined by the couple.

After a fair and equitable agreement has been made the mediator will provide each spouse a Memorandum of Understanding which can then be taken and filed with the court in order to obtain your divorce.


Are you and your spouse good candidates for Mediation?

 Is the desire for the settlement of the marital /divorce matters high for both of you?

Are you both willing to attend and participate in weekly sessions?

Do you both feel free to openly express your needs and concerns, and will respect and listen to the other party’s opinions and interests.


If the answer is yes to above Mediation may be an excellent alternative for you.


For more information please contact Cheryl Frommelt by leaving a detailed message at 630.718.0717 ext. 229 or email mediation@fvinstitute.com.