Samantha McDaniel Testimonials

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I started seeing Samantha McDaniel back in April of 2014,  at that time I was at one of the lowest moments of my life. From day one I knew that she could help me. What I didn’t know, is how she would honestly change my life. I received the best guidance from her, and would recommend her to ANYONE, she has given me such amazing tools to help me cope with everyday situations. I am a new person thanks to Samantha. If you are reading this, and need help. She is an amazing therapist! You have to be willing to do the work though!

I came to meet Samantha McDaniel last winter, during a time in which my relationship was falling apart. Mistrust and dishonestly had become a daily part of my marriage and it was at the breaking point. My husband and I knew we needed to turn to counseling to help repair our relationship. Fox Valley Institute looked like the best place for the job. We had tried other facilities in the past, and were not impressed. Samantha really stood out to us. Her online profile showed she was a young, fresh, equipped resource and she felt very welcoming to us.

Samantha has been by far the best counselor we have ever seen. Even within the first meeting, she came off as warm and approachable. We were extremely nervous and she made us feel at ease. She allowed us to open up, vent freely and feel as if we were getting advice from a friend. Not once did she place blame on a situation. She provided practical, applicable advice and made a huge difference for us. She helped me realize on my own that I needed to change and that I wanted to without pressure. She comforted me at a time when really no one else could and when I thought everything was lost.

I would highly recommend Samantha as a resource for anyone looking to talk to someone and get help. She was a great resource and we loved our experience with Fox Valley Institute!!
– B.D.

I began to see Samantha last fall, after my depression was at its worst. Not eating, not talking, not going to class, suicidal thoughts, and self-harming was becoming an everyday thing for me. I decided to seek help on my own and came across the Fox Valley Institute, where I met Samantha and honestly, where I believe I was able to turn my life around. I am writing this testimonial to thank Samantha for guiding me through my emotions and for believing in me.

I first started to see a therapist and psychiatrist when I was 12, and I did not like it at all. I felt no connection with my therapist and felt like I was being prescribed anything to numb my emotions. I did not like it and tried to avoid doctors and medication for years. So, walking into Samantha’s office for the first time I was very nervous, but within minutes I felt completely comfortable with her. The fact that she believed in me, and believed that I had the strength to continue on unmedicated showed me that she wants to help me.

I was always told, “people can’t change overnight” but I did, and Samantha believed that I did too. With many positive exercises and other techniques to help my anxiety and panic attacks, I was determined to bring myself up and work hard on turning my life around. Like I mentioned before, she truly guided me in the right direction and I was able to leave feeling comfortable with the tools that she gave me. If I could, I would continue to see her, however I had to move out of state, but with only nine months with Samantha, I feel more confident in myself, I feel stronger, and I can finally say that I am proud of myself -N.E.