Parenting: Isolation And Lack Of Support In Remote Learning

Elizabeth Meyers discusses difficulties related to lack of support and isolation in this new time of homeschooling and remote learning. Struggles with additional schooling demands have become a point of friction for families and is a common question here at Fox Valley Institute. Join us as Elizabeth answers the three top questions we are often asked.


Does Homeschooling Or Remote Learning Negatively Effect Social Skills?

In this segment, Elizabeth Meyers talks about how limited interaction impacts long-term social skills development and emotional states. Elizebeth offers straightforward ideas on how to minimize the negative aspects and build upon the positive ones.

Length: 3:24



Is Homeschooling Or Remote Learning Safe For Kids?

In this segment, Elizabeth Meyers talks about the dangers of using electronics and their safety online. Learn how to get your children to share what they are doing online and how to spot potential unsafe practices.

Length: 2:08



Is Homeschooling Or Remote Learning Difficult For Parents?

In this segment, Elizabeth Meyers tackles the issue of additional challenges added to parents with remote learning. Parents are all experiencing ups and downs. Elizabeth offers insights on how to work through it and get support.

Length: 3:08


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