Parenting: Fear Of Children Failing

Christine McGrath addresses the topic of children failing, and how to best guide and support them.  Christine is an experienced clinician with over a decade of successfully working with children, adolescents and adults with a variety of concerns. Let’s join Chris as she talks about Children Failing.


How Do You React When A Child Fails?

In this segment, Dr. Christine McGrath talks about how parents react to childhood failure. Dr. McGrath offers some solid advice on why failure is important and how to properly leverage when failure presents an opportunity.

Length: 2:45



Is Failure More Harmful Or Beneficial To A Child?

In this segment, Dr. Christine McGrath looks at the outcome of properly managed child failures. Failure can be harmful or beneficial depending on what we do when failures happen.

Length: 2:26



Why Should A Parent Let Their Children Fail?

In this segment, Dr. Christine McGrath asks the question, should you let your children fail? Dr. McGrath offers some excellent advice for parents to follow.

Length: 2:52


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