Mary Vogel Testimonials

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My experience with LifeLine and EFT (Tapping) has been profound and life changing. I entered the experience with very limiting beliefs primarily about my health and personal fulfillment. Mary helped me put words to what I had been feeling and thinking for so long, words I was desperately trying to find. Mary helped me to change these core beliefs that limited me from health and happiness. After my sessions with Mary I found out that a medical condition I had struggled with had improved drastically and I was able to go off the medication I had been on for two years. I am beyond grateful for my experience with LifeLine, EFT and Mary! I can confidently say I have found the happiness and wholeness I have been seeking!

-M. J. – Naperville, IL (Psychologist)

Upon being diagnosed with Bulimia, Anxiety, and Depression, I began therapy with Mary Vogel. I had been binging and purging for about a year prior to seeking help.

The treatments Mary used came highly recommended so I decided to give it a try as an alternative to traditional talk therapy. Throughout the course of my time with Mary, we used EFT as well as LifeLine techniques. I found tapping (EFT) to be the most influential part of my treatment.

Through the use of tapping I learned to decrease my anxiety level and release anger, which were both large triggers for my bulimic behaviors. Also, The Lifeline techniques we used helped me to understand my emotional and physical responses to certain triggers in my life. It has been about three months since I was diagnosed and my binging and purging behaviors have significantly decreased. Although I still have a long way to go in terms of recovery, I feel that Mary helped me to better
understand and control my urges. I have noticed improvements in my relationships with those closest to me, especially in terms of communication. At this point, I feel that I am much better equipped to deal with my disorder and with anything else that life throws my way.
-Erica – Naperville, IL (21 years old)