Love Languages on Valentine’s Day

Love Languages

Are you familiar with Gary Chapman’s couple’s resource, “The Five Love Languages?” This book is a simple, yet powerful tool for learning how to better communicate with your partner through one another’s love languages.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so what better timing?  You can find more information at Chapman’s website:

Chapman will educate you on the five main love languages he has uncovered; words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch.  You and your partner will first be directed to take an assessment to determine your primary love language.  From there you will want to read more on your partner’s love language; gain a better understanding of it and learn helpful tips on how to fulfill their love language! Don’t be surprised if you and your partner do not share the same love language.

Words of affirmation are validating words said to your partner to help them feel good and validated within the relationship.  For example: “I appreciate you.” “You look great in that new dress!” “You always make such a great dinner.”

Acts of Service are meaningful things done for your partner. For example, emptying the dishwasher because it is their least favorite chore, hanging up your coat when you come home or, making the bed every morning.  These may not be your most favorite things to do, but you are doing them for your partner so they feel loved.

Receiving Gifts, even small ones can go a long way to make your partner feel loved.  For example, a hand written card saying I love you tucked in her purse or flowers you picked up on your way home ‘just because.’  These are great gifts that will help your partner feel loved.

Physical Touch, reaching out and grabbing your partner’s hand or sneaking them an unexpected kiss.  Physical touch may be important to your partner and being neglectful of this can lead to feelings of rejection or resentment.

See what else Chapman has to share on The Five Love Languages and provide your partner with an unexpected surprise this Valentine’s Day!