Is My Child Over Committed To Sports?

Over Committed To Sports


Dr. Laura Bokar - Teen CuttingHow do I know…
If my child is over committed to sports?

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If you ever wondered about problems related to children being overcommitted to sports, you’re not alone! We offer help. Below you will find helpful information that you can start using today that identifies the behaviors of kids that are overcommitted.

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Excessive Teen Activity Load

It seems that we have turned into a society of overachievers giving into parental peer pressure.  The norm is for children to be involved in two, three and sometimes four different activities.  The goal is not just to be involved and enjoy the activities; the pressure is to excel in all of them.  This pressure can create a state of anxiety for the child which causes unhealthy symptoms to occur and can last a lifetime.

Another very real concern is the child’s regard to family values. If the child does not get to see and spend time with their family, they can grow up not appreciating the importance of the family unit. A child may also get the sense that their sport involvement and performance are a higher priority than they are. This may not only affect them throughout childhood, but even into adulthood should they become parents.  Family life needs to be made a priority by parents. Would you prefer to have ribbons and trophies, or a close, healthy relationship with your child?

Questions to ask if you are concerned:

  • Does your child show lack of enthusiasm or excitement about practicing or playing the sport?
  • Does your child drag themselves to the car getting ready for each game?
  • Does your child often complete their homework, study, and/or eat dinner in the car because they don’t   have any other time to do it?
  • Do you want your child more involved in these activities than they want to be?

A Few Ideas:

  • Take them out of a sport or two.
  • Make it a priority to have dinner together as a family at least five nights a week.
  • Let your child be a kid – give them space to just have fun without any goal.
  • Assess that you are not living through your kids – they need to be able to develop their own interests.

We want our children to have a desire to try new activities throughout their lives. Over commitment to sports at a young age can decrease this desire. Please be aware of the signs that your child may be overcommitted to sports.  If you want to learn more about keeping a healthy and balanced life for yourself and your child, please contact Fox Valley Institute in Naperville.  We have several therapists who specialize in this area and can offer help and support not only to your child, but to you as well.

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