Child & Adolescent Issues: Social Media Addiction

Christina Maki is honored to work with children, tweens, teens, parents, and families who have courageously chosen to seek help during times of struggle. Christina believes this is especially important to teach our youngest population who currently face more stressors and mental health issues than ever before. Join Christina in exploring this important topic related to the use of social media.


How Does Social Media Affect Children And Teens?

In this segment, Christina Maki looks at some of the concerns related to the overuse of social media.

Length: 2:05



How Do I Stop Social Media Anxiety?

In this segment, Christina Maki looks at social media and its relationship to creating anxiety in children and teens.

Length: 1:42



Does Social Media Affect Attention Span And How?

In this segment, Christina Maki reviews how social media can contribute to attention span issues in teens.

Length: 2:06


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