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Maryellen Sterk, LCPC

Maryellen Sterk is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with experience working with clients at many different stages of life, from teen issues to navigating the transition to grandparenthood. Most recently, she has focused her work on adolescents and young adults to help navigate issues with family, school, and overall life transitions. She has extensive experience managing anxiety, mood disorders, anger, grief, self-harm, and trauma. Therapy with Maryellen will feel comfortable yet challenging as Maryellen believes that change cannot occur when you are in your comfort zone, but you shouldn’t have to navigate that alone.

Maryellen likes to incorporate a biopsychosocial approach, meaning therapy will include an examination of your biology (physical health, genetic vulnerabilities), psychology (existing coping skills, mental health history, your view of yourself) and social factors (peers, family, other relationships) to determine an appropriate treatment plan and path forward to help achieve your therapeutic goals. Maryellen enjoys incorporating education related to neuroscience and polyvagal theory to therapy as well, as it can be affirming to know what is happening in the body that causes us to have the reactions we have. All techniques aside, Maryellen prioritizes her clients feeling emotionally safe in her therapeutic space.

Maryellen received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Sociology from North Central College. She provides LGBTQIA+ affirming and trauma-informed care, focusing primarily on adolescents, families, young adults, anxiety and trauma.

Maryellen has special expertise in the following areas:


Maryellen can be reached by telephone at 630.781.0717 ext. 222 or email at  For immediate assistance to schedule an appointment, please connect with one of our Client Care Specialists at 630.718.0717 ext. 240.