Healthy Sleeping Habits for Children

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Healthy Sleep Habits For Children

  1. Your child’s bedtime and wake-up time should be about the same time every day. There should not be more than an hour difference in bedtime and wake-up time between school nights and non-school nights.

  2. Your child’s bedroom should be comfortable, quiet, and dark. A night light is OK, as completely dark rooms can be scary for some children.

  3. Your child’s bedroom should be at a comfortable temperature during the night (less than 75 degrees).

  4. Your child should not go to bed hungry. A light snack (like milk and cookies) before bed is a good idea.

  5. Your child should avoid products containing caffeine for at least several hours before bed. These include caffeinated sodas, coffee. tea and chocolate.

  6. The hour before bed should be quiet time. Your child should not get involved in high-energy activities like rough play, playing outside, or watching exciting TV shows or movies. Baths can be a stimulating activity for some children.

  7. Naps should be geared to your child’s age and developmental needs. However, very long naps or too many naps should be avoided, as too much daytime sleep can result in your child sleeping less at night.

  8. Your child should spend time outside every day and be involved in regular exercise.

  9. Avoid using your child’s bedroom for time-out or punishment.

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