Fox Valley Institute believes that education is important for one’s personal growth. Below you will find a list of articles that we have compiled or have been written by Dr. Laura Bokar.

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What About Depression
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Everyone feels sad from time to time. It’s only natural. Most people go through blue days or just periods of feeling down, especially after they experience a loss. But what experts call clinical depression is different from just being “down in the dumps.‚” The main difference is that the sad or empty mood does not go away after a couple of weeks – and everyday activities like eating, sleeping, socializing, or working can be affected.

The Two Faces of Anxiety
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If you determine that your responses to the daily stressors present in your life have become problematic, fortunately, therapy has proven to be a very effective way to address this issue.

A Regular Checkup Is Good for the Mind as Well as the Body
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About a quarter of American adults suffer from some type of mental health problem each year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, and 6 percent suffer severe ailments, like schizophrenia or major depression. When left untreated, mental health illnesses are more likely to lead to hospitalization – something that could mean time lost from work.

Make The Stress Of Mothering Less Smothering
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Some men who want to be helpful just jump in and end up getting in the way. It’s a better idea for a man to ask what he can do. Chances are his assistance will be more on-target and more appreciated if he just gets direction.

And even better than reminding his wife to make time for herself, he can help her make time. He can offer to watch the kids while your she jumps on the treadmill or runs out shopping with a friend. Surely, she’ll return the favor.