Fox Valley Institute believes that education is important for one’s personal growth. Below you will find a list of articles that we have compiled or have been written by Dr. Laura Bokar.

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Raising A Teenager Without Raising Your Blood Pressure
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Enforcing the rules can be hard sometimes. Again allow your teen to help you police the rules. They can be very creative. I heard of one mother who wanted her son home early one night because she wanted to get to sleep early. Because his curfew was longer, the teen created a mutually agreeable solution. He put his alarm clock outside of his parents door and set it for his curfew.

Treating Children Differently While Loving Them The Same
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Of course you want to treat your children fairly, but because kids are different you’ll find you won’t be able to treat them all the same. That doesn’t mean you don’t love them equally. But you may have to structure things a little differently for each child.

Family Dysfunction – The Children of Substance Abusers
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People who have grown up in households with alcohol or drug overuse on the part of a parent have some common characteristics. Although people from the general population can display many of these behaviors, people from dysfunctional families tend to have a higher incidence of these traits. Take a look at some of the more common patterns found in people who grew up with an alcohol or drug abusing parent.

Understanding Marital Conflict Can Help Make Resolving Quarrels Easier
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Couples fight. It’s normal, healthy and natural. In fact, if a couple says they never fight it worries me more than hearing they have an occasional argument. Because if they’re not disagreeing once in a while, it means they’re probably holding in a lot of resentment. Couples fight because they’re human.