Dr. Laura Bokar on the Faith, Family & Focus Podcast

Join us on Monday at 9:00 am. when Faith and Shafer Suggs of Faith, Family, and Focus talk with Dr. Laura Bokar, about her compelling new book, WE NEED TO TALK: 24 Simple Insights for Relationships.

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Dr. Bokar called on her three decades of experience as a therapist as she wrote the book sharing with readers the common issues that affect relationships and her practical approaches to resolve them. Whether readers are married, planning to be, or are looking for a relationship, they’ll find her book will begin their journey to the loving relationships they want in their life.

The doctor will talk with us about how her book will empower readers to discover how to identify issues in their relationships and navigate solutions using proven techniques. It also will teach them how to put their relationships first.

Blending stories, research, and experiences from her practice, Dr. Bokar is confident that We Need to Talk: 24 Simple Insights for Relationships, will inspire readers and fill them with hope for their relationships. As an added benefit, readers may access free downloadable worksheets to dig deeper into the insights highlighted in the book.